September 2022

Excited to be recruiting for our provider preference survey at the Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society Annual Meeting. I have never purchased a meeting booth before...gaining respect for our industry reps who get charged for things like having an electrical outlet. Link below for interested participants...

August 2022

Excited for a couple publications this summer that we are very proud of...thanks to our residents and students who contributed to these projects! Check out the snazzy maize and blue figures!

June 2022

  • Best Lab meeting ever! NBA finals during Vascular Annual Meeting in Boston!!

  • Congratulations to Chloe Powell for an excellent presentation at the 2022 Academy Health Research Meeting and acknowledgement with an award

September 2021

  • Congratulations to Dr. Gloria Kim for outstanding presentations at the Georgia Vascular Society meeting. We also got a chance to shoot some targets and hang out with my Dad :)

July 2021

  • We are excited to welcome Dr. Chloe Powell to her academic development time! She will be a fellow at the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy, working on a master's degree, and of course doing lots of cool research with us over the coming years. She is already off to a great start!!!

  • Dr. Gloria Kim has wrapped up her academic development time (not sure where the time went) and returning to the clinical rotations. We had a great paintball outing to celebrate!

June 2021

  • Congratulations to Dr. Gloria Kim for rocking multiple plenary presentations at Vascular Annual Meeting 2021! Her oral presentations included

    • Gender disparities in major depression among patients with peripheral artery disease and associations with mortality

    • Surgical decision regret is higher for patients undergoing lower extremity versus other vascular procedures

Great job representing our lab and our section with some very innovative work!

March 2020

  • Thanks to Dr. Gloria Kim , Dr. Esther Cho, and students Tiffany Bellomo, Keith Garber, Charles Hwang, and Taylor Wood for their contributions to the Moses Gunn 2020. Nice job!!!

  • This month we passed the 4,000 participant mark for routine grip strength measurement in Cardiovascular Center Clinics at Michigan Medicine

August 2019

  • Welcome to Dr. Gloria Kim, our Vascular Integrated Resident beginning her dedicated research tour supported by the UM Section of Vascular Surgery's T32 . Dr. Kim will be focusing on our ongoing frailty phenotyping work supported by the Frankel Cardiovascular Center Innovation challenge (and other cool stuff). Check out our inaugural quarterly newsletter!

  • Thanks to Dartmouth medical student Arati Gangadharan for visiting this summer and contributing to this work. You are welcome back any time!

  • We had a great project visit from Tim Craven MSPH (best statistician ever) from Wake Forest. The day was spent working on the Project VOICE analysis, brainstorming multicenter studies related to peripheral artery disease and frailty, and arguing over biostatistics for old times' sake .

March 2019

  • This year is off to a busy start! Congratulations to the following students for their recent presentations and accomplishments...

    • Tiffany Bellomo presented our analysis of conflicts of interest among highly-cited peripheral artery disease manuscripts at the Southern Association for Vascular Surgery meeting in Boca Raton. Tiffany was also recently notified that she has been selected as a Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation Fellow as well as a recipient of the Society for Vascular Surgery student research fellowship. Way to go!!

    • Charles (Chuck) Hwang presented our social media analysis of physician burnout at 2019 Academic Surgical Congress in Houston

January 2019

  • Thanks to everyone who joined us for the inaugural lab bowling party. Perhaps we will do trophies and shirts next year...

February 2018

June 2018

  • Thanks to Health Leaders Media ,US News & World Report, and AARP for mentioning our research on grip strength for assessment of frailty, sarcopenia, and cardiovascular risk among patients with vascular disease!